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Available softwares on this site have been developped by Corinne Queme, a phycics professor in a French high school.

Those softwares were made with REALbasic from RealSoftware.
REALbasic is a cross platform tool allowing a fast and easy development.


Educational software to learn programming .
Version 1.1 released in January 2005, update version 1.1 in April 2005
RobotProg makes an intensive use of vectorial graphics for the flowchart drawing and 3D for the robot ground rendering.

Design Award 2004
Best Educational Software

RB developer Review

Solve Elec

Educational electricity software
Released in March 2005.

Solve Elec key feature is the ablity to compute litterals formulas related to the user drawn circuit. This was made possible by the development and integration of formal calculus engine.
Plans for next releases :
- circuits in alternating current, and especially filters, with transfer functions, gain graphs and oscilloscope
- use of the application in classroom over a network